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Bontà & Salute

Always good, always lighter!

 Starting this Fall the new line!

Our range is constantly evolving and today has expanded the line "Goodness & Wellness", which includes cookies, crackers, snacks dedicated to consumers with specific dietary needs or who want to follow a controlled diet without sacrificing taste.

We're accelerating our efforts in health and wellness to help meet the needs of consumers and our business. Our research tells us most people want to eat healthy without compromising on taste. We believe eating the foods you love and living a healthier lifestyle can, and should, co-exist.

Gluten free Cakes and Salted snack, sugar free, light, with prebiotic fiber.

Tasty recipes, with a formula that positively affects our quality of life and our well-being.
Delser undertakes to respond to the voice of all the people willing to stay in good health and eating genuine and well balanced products.

Discover our line of Goodness&Wellness!







 Come Nasce un biscotto