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Made in Italy

Salted Crackers



The crackers Delser are prepared with healty and genuine ingredients.

Besides, our Crackers are so fragrant and tasty thanks to 24 hours of natural leavening.

Delser products' high quality is guaranteed by a severe selection of raw materials and by daily checks through all the production process.

Consumer are nowadays much evolved and therefore they seek good quality products following the modern diet line, even when they are not at home.


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Crackers Catering Salato

Wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm), salt (1,6%), acidity regulator: sodium hydrogen carbonate, malted barley flour, malt extract (wheat and barley), natural yeast.

Contains gluten.
May contain traces of sesame.


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 Nutritional information:  100 g  12 g (1 pacchetto) 
 Energy value  445 kcal
 1872 kJ
 53,4 kcal
 224,6 kJ
 Proteins  10,6 g  1,3 g
  of which sugars
 70,3 g
 2,5 g
 8,5 g
 0,3 g
  of which satured
 12,9 g
  6,7 g
 1,5 g
  0,8 g
 Dietary Fiber  2,4 g  0,3 g
 Sodium  0,9 g  0,1 g