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Made in Italy

Wafers with vanilla cream filling

vanilla Wafer

Wafer Delser: a tasty and quick break for a genuine breakfast or a tasty snack, a delicious sweetness to keep handy at any moment of the day. In three different flavours to meet any taste: delicious hazelnut, delicate vanilla and energy-giving chocolate



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 Wafer Vaniglia

Wafer vaniglia


Ingredients: wheat flour, non hydrogenated vegetable oil (coconut), sugar, wheat starch, dextrose, skimmed milk powder, soy flour, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavourings, salt, raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate, vanilla bean extract (0,1% in the cream).

May contain traces of nuts.


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 Nutritional information  100 g  25 g (5 wafers)
 Energy value    505 kcal
 2115 kJ
 126,3 kcal
 528,7 kJ
 Proteins  4,3 g  1,07 g
   of which sugars
 65,4 g
 22,5 g
 16,3 g
 5,62 g
   of which saturated
 24,8 g
 22,5 g
 6,2 g
 5,6 g
 Dietary fiber  1,5 g  0,37 g
 Sodium  0,13 g  0,032 g