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Delser's 123 years

DELSER was founded in 1891, from the entrepreneurship of the family with the same name and it began producing biscuits, wafers, candies and later on cookies for babies.

At the time, the "Phosporated Cookie" was very popular and recommended by pediatricians since it was highly digestible and rich in mineral salts.

The first recipes originated from a convent tradition of the Canossian nuns.

Initially, and for many years, the departments were under the responsibility and watchful eye of the nuns, who diligently and strictly monitored the work of all personnel. 

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Real Clients!

In 1908 the first factory was established downtown Martignacco, a small village located 6Km due North-West of Udine.

Over the years, Delser became a supplier for the Royal Family of Savoya and for the Pope and welcomed the Royals at its premises twice.
The event is commemorated by a beautiful marble plaque in display at the entrance of the current factory.

A few biscuits, to honor its noblest customers, were named after members of the Royal family: in particular Margherita and Elena.

Delser became quickly known all over Italy and abroad; it took part in important events were it was celebrated for the quality of its products.

The high demand for Delser products and the various awards won on multiple occasions, gave a strong boost to the Company which, led by the determination, intelligence and vision of the Delser's brothers was equipped with modern machinery and started to produce a great variety of biscuits with growing success in Italy and abroad.

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Collector's Edition Packages

In the past, pastry biscuits, cream-filled wafers, and candies were packaged in beautiful tin boxes. Even today there are collectors who look for these unique tin boxes, unfortunately very difficult to find.

Packaging at the time was performed manually and only after many years the manual process was replaced by automatic packaging machines.

Since the first beginning of its activity, the ratio of women employed at Delser was high for the times. This made it an emancipation hub for the female population in the small towns near the factory, in addition to a reference point for the entire Friuli Region.


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In post-war Italy and during the economic recovery, Delser continued its expansion conquering Italian households and become known across the globe.

Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years, Delser was able to maintain and to grow its position and relevance within Friuli, remaining a famous and important food production company in the region.

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The new premises  

The current production plant was built in 1972 and it was expanded several times over the years to meet new production needs and to install new equipment.

An additional expansion is planned for 2011 to increase the size of the production department and raw materials, packaging and finished product warehouses.

The new company premises were equipped with the latest technologies to be able to face the challenges of an ever-growing market.


 Stabilimento Delser

The Rise of the Qualify Food Group

In 2001, to meet ongoing changes in the international market, Delser changed its name to Quality Food Group S.p.A.

The Delser brand, guarantee of goodness and extensive experience, kept expanding thanks to a renewed entrepreneurship spirit, young and innovative.

Quality Food Group (UK)

2014: 123 years of PASTRY MAKING TRADITION

This year, Quality Food Group S.p.A. celebrates 120 years of its Delser's brand, marked by stunning success and recognitions.

Our mission is to continue to offer to our clients products that are always better, healthier and safer, constantly innovating ourselves and searching for new market niches.

Happy birthday Delser!

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