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How our products are "born"...

The creation of a new product represents the final stage in a long process which objective is that of satisfying the needs of our clients, offering products that combine taste and specific nutritional properties to ease of use.




Our team of experts works constantly for the innovation of products and processes, analyzing the market and looking for new ideas and solutions to satisfy the needs of always more demanding clients.

"From the best raw materials and creativity of our research team new recipes and new shapes are born. Year after year they expand the large Delser's product family and liven up the breakfasts and snacks of our consumers!"

Innovation goes all the way up to the packaging: the solid presence in the territory and the awareness of the leading role of the company ensure Delser constant commitment in research and development for the preservation of the environment.

Our experts are always looking for solutions that allow reducing environmental impact of packaging materials using fewer raw materials and carefully designing packaging to maintain product protection, freshness and excellence.

This allows us to use eco-friendly materials with significant energy savings and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and less environmental impact.




In order to develop a new product is necessary to use vision and experience. It is essential that all departments work in team to finalize all the details: from the shape and style of the product to the recipe with its distinguishing ingredients, to the method of preparation and baking, until the packaging with related graphic design and labeling.


All prototypes are protagonists of rigorous testing and analyses (as well as of lunch breaks at our offices) following which adjustments are made for subsequent testing until the desired characteristics are met.

"When a new product is created, it is always occasion for celebration! Months of work finally yield results and the effort is repaid with the satisfaction of holding in our hands the final package, the result of a close cooperation between professionalism and a variety of skills."


Always careful about the ingredients, the recipes, the inspections and technological innovation of its plants, listening and interpreting the wishes of its customers, Delser continues its research in the creation of new products, in line with principles of tastiness and health.

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